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Twilight Heroes is a free, browser-based superhero role-playing game.

By day, you may be an underpaid and unappreciated worker. But when the sun falls, somebody needs to defend the citizens of Twilight against the criminals and madmen and giant pinatas and living pop-culture references and...

Hey, I'm just saying that the average citizen has no hope against the threats facing Twilight... after all, who's prepared for killer whales equipped with rocket launchers?

But it turns out you might just have a shot. Join the Fight.
50% less fat than other superhero games.


September 19: It turns out bugs don't go away just because it's getting colder. We need bug fixes for that.

September 1: I tried to come up with a pun for this month's item, but it ended up being a real stretch.

August 31: Kinak says "let them roll cake!"

August 26: The bands are battling the heat (and any stray superheroes) in St. Anne Park.

August 10: With summer comes bugs and with bugs come bug fixes.

August 1: We're living in a virtual world with some sweet goggles and a new heirloom derby.

July 10: I've got a fever and the only cure is more computers.

July 1: Celebrate 365.25 independence days at the Wok of Stars.

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