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Twilight Heroes is a free, browser-based superhero role-playing game.

By day, you may be an underpaid and unappreciated worker. But when the sun falls, somebody needs to defend the citizens of Twilight against the criminals and madmen and giant pinatas and living pop-culture references and...

Hey, I'm just saying that the average citizen has no hope against the threats facing Twilight... even if you need underwater crime like a fish needs a bicycle.

But it turns out you might just have a shot. Join the Fight.
A nightly slice off vice.


November 27: Set another place at the table. It's companions' day to shine!

November 20: Get beaten up in style! Check out the new writing contest in the forums.

November 17: Local forecasts suggest today may be the first snow of the season.

November 13: Made some updates to sidekick display. Let me know if anything gets weird.

November 9: Drove out some fall bugs.

November 2: Remember, international players, that Twilight is still influenced by the Daylight Saver.

November 1: The Wok of Stars has a quite different book this month, if your sidekick can decrypt its meaning.

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