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Twilight Heroes is a free, browser-based superhero role-playing game.

By day, you may be an underpaid and unappreciated worker. But when the sun falls, somebody needs to defend the citizens of Twilight against the criminals and madmen and giant pinatas and living pop-culture references and...

Hey, I'm just saying that the average citizen has no hope against the threats facing Twilight... after all, normal people can barely handle threats from their own dimension. Amateurs.

But it turns out you might just have a shot. Join the Fight.
Meticulously constructed ... Ingenious, funny, and advertising-free.
-PC Gamer magazine


May 7: Added another way to get memory tubes for the casino quest.

May 1: The Wok of Stars calls for aid. Well, it's more calling for stars to help you call for aid. But you get the idea.

April 12: Today, a chocolate bunny has brought eggs and crafting recipes for all the heroes of Twilight.

April 1: Happy April! I'm sure nothing strange is happening today.

April 1: It's business time at the Wok of Stars.

March 28: High level heroes can now talk to the police to begin the Stalker Quest. Like the Mad Scientist Quest, this will be added in stages, so it can't be completed yet.

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