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What is Twilight Heroes?

Twilight Heroes is a FREE, browser-based superhero role-playing game.

By day you're an underpaid and unappreciated worker at a pain-in-the-neck job, but as the sun goes down you don a mask and a cape and patrol the streets in an attempt to clean up the crime-riddled and corrupt city you live in. Sure, your first weapon is a household tool and your costume is made from home-dyed pajamas, but fighting crime is about delivering justice, not being stylish.

Along the way you develop super powers, such as amazing strength, mastery of the elements, or the ability to manipulate things with your mind. As you grow in power you acquire more skills and items, and face an increasingly challenging series of goals, quests, and super-villains. You can choose from powerful talismans to channel your abilities through, and build a secret base to use as your hideout and refuge when you're not fighting crime. Just don't stay up too late, or you might have to face consequences the next day at work.


The city of Twilight sits like a jewel in the desert. On the surface it is a vibrant metropolis, a shining sprawl in the wilderness, a bastion of wealth and power.

But beneath the impressive veneer the foundation of Twilight is rotting. The physical and moral fabric of the city is decaying. Outside of the picturesque downtown and the opulent casinos, the city is littered with slums. Behind the impressive fronts of skyscrapers and casinos can be found all manner of vice and depravity. And after dark no part of the city is safe from crime. Gangs of thugs roam the streets and organized syndicates run illicit operations from back alleys.

And that's just the beginning. Whispered rumors suggest that darker and more sinister forces lurk in the shadows of Twilight. Strange beasts roam the sewers. Mysterious militias run furtive operations out in the desert. The nightly news is full of reports of murders and disappearances, and the city police either can't help or are paid to look the other way.

Twilight desperately needs someone to take a stand against the decay, someone to make the streets safe again and stymie the forces of evil. What Twilight needs is a hero.

An entire city waits to be explored, full of suspense and adventure. Are you ready to create a character and join the fight?

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