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Before sending a bug report, please check this list of things that are NOT a bug. If it's anything else, type away:
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Things that are not bugs

Many things are often reported as bugs. The following things are often reported but are not actually bugs. If you report them as a bug and it's not, I will take away all of your stuff. Okay, so I won't. But I'll publicly make fun of you. Well, I won't do that. But you'd deserve it if I did. Possibly. The non-bugs include:
  • You need more turns. Or, you can't figure out how to sleep. Or, it's bedtime and you don't know what to do. Like most turn-based games, your turns are limited. You get more every day, during an event known as rollover. Explanations are in the game manual, which you really should read.
  • Many of the links at the top of the page aren't taking you to the right place. Try logging out and back in. Sometimes even clicking on different frames, or right-clicking on different frames will reset it. It's not a coding bug, it's an issue with the way the browser handles frames, so there's nothing I can do to fix it. At worst you might need to close your browser and open it again.
  • You have turns left, but the game is saying you have to go to work. If you don't understand this, it's time to read the manual. Really. Please. There's a shaded sidebar and everything for this specific issue. Please do not try to argue with me that it's not your bedtime: the game doesn't care if you're not tired, you still have to go to work.
  • You were able to adventure way past the time you normally have to go to work. It's probably Frayday. You don't go to work on Saturday. Read the manual for details.
  • You're not regenerating HP/PP the way you think you should. It is almost guaranteed that you were either a) just beaten up, and you're ignoring the fact that the effect you got just might possibly be affecting your character or b) you recently acquired a skill which does something that you don't understand. If you're absolutely positive neither of these apply, feel free to report the issue.
  • You can adventure in Porcelain Bay without equipment. If you're a certain class, think about it and this should make sense.
  • You didn't get a merit badge that you think you earned. Did you visit the place that hands out the badges? They don't fall out of the sky, you know.
  • If you do the quests out of order the game pretends like you did them in order. I don't have the time to write thousands of permutations of text for which quests you may or may not have done yet, and I don't want to force you to do them in linear order. The remaining choice is a quest giver may refer to a quest you haven't completed yet. Please accept this narrative disjointedness as the best option for all involved.

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