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-PC Gamer magazine
See What People are Saying About Twilight Heroes

Below is a collection of some of the things that have been said about Twilight Heroes over the months. Some are true. Some are fictional. Some have been taken out of a normally sensible context so as to make them seem completely irrational. Some are just plain silly. The one to the right is genuine. But I like them all.

A game full of wonder, imagination, and creativity, but most of it is unavailable until you really take a dive into questing and opening up new venues. Even then, items will unlock new paths for you to explore. -Tree-Hugging-Tae

I had to choose a game to play and learn for a grad class I took and I chose yours! Got an A, of course.

The other "game" I "Play" is so dead that no one hardly ever logs in. Sad really, that is why I am here now. -ForceFreek

"This game is taking me back to those "choose your path" book days of yore. I like it. Thanks for the free fun!"

"I like TH more than school, for the most part." -Byto

"YAY! REAL TRADE!" -the supernaturalist

"My favorite thing about the game, is that I can interact with its maker. Being able to do this, allows players to feel more welcome ..." -HOTU

[After receiving a lump of coal for Christmas.] "Wow, you actually managed to make my crappy holiday even worse. :( Can I at least burn it for warmth?" -Laeus De Seas

"Ryme is a source of never ending inspiration." -Lieutenant Obvious

"... that's why all these things that work in KoL don't work here." -Byto

"So far I like this way better than the other KoL knock-offs." -Merric

"Damn, you've thought of everything. (Moments later.) Wow, you really think of everything." -Serpico Jabotinsky

"Could use more... um, content. Or whatever. Can I get on "Testimonials" for kissing up?" -MrGuy

"If you weren't my brother, I wouldn't be here right now." -Lord Moribund Saturnine Dread

"Sounds derivative." -IstariAsuka/DarthDud

"I'm the only mod? When are you going to get me some backup?" -Cristiona

"Not to be a jackass, but this game kind of sucks." -Smoot

"I've been a mod for five minutes, and you're already not paying me enough for this volunteer position." -Therum

"Are you still messing around with that game? Why don't you get me two slices of pumpkin bread and a glass of milk?" -Ryme's Wife

"It makes us really happy to see something that's actually GOOD."* -Jick
*Note: quote was acquired off the record using outdated microphone technology, located outside the Asymmetric compound. Actual quote may have been, "It makes us really happy when someone gives us free food."

"It looks like you're really trying." -about a dozen new players this week

"Will I say, 'Twilight Heroes looks really promising,'? No, I won't say that. What do you mean I already said it?" -Riff

"You're making a computer game? So what, like solitaire? Can't people already play that?" -Ryme's grandmother

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