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Twilight Heroes Policies

These simple rules are designed to promote a friendly community and a fair playing environment for all players.
  • If you find a major bug, report it immediately to the authorities. Do not under any circumstance share it with other players.
  • You can have multiple accounts, but they are not allowed to exchange goods or in-game money, or any other sort of anything. It's really just not necessary, and these exchanges are too easily abusable.
  • Try not to annoy people; this is of course unavoidable, but harassment and obnoxious behaviour are not acceptable; offensive character names may get your account deleted.
  • Don't scam people.
  • Spoilers: there is a 48-hour rule on new content. No spoilers in chat or on the forums for the first 48 hours. The Help chat channel is ALWAYS spoiler-free.
  • Don't buy or sell accounts for real-life money; accounts and in-game items are not yours to sell.
  • Cross-game trading is considered completely unreliable and is discouraged. Public attempts to trade TH items for items for any other game are forbidden; anyone cheated while attempting such a trade will get no sympathy or assistance.
  • Don't use this game or its forums to advertise anything.
  • Don't create accounts with, or use in public, racially offensive or other obviously offensive words. If you're not sure, assume you shouldn't.
  • See more details on the forums.

In exchange Twilight Heroes and Metroplexity Games promise to:
  • Never share any of your information with anyone else. Unless we need it, we try not to even pay attention to that stuff ourselves.
  • Do our best to make this community an enjoyable, friendly place to have fun.
  • Support consistency and fairness as much as possible for all players of the game.

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