Twilight Heroes

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Twilight Heroes Game Manual


Originally designed, written, and illustrated by Ryme (#1).

Continuing design, writing, and illustration by Kinak (#4).

Writer, keeper of mysteries, and chief troublemaker Cristiona (#24).

Major contributions have come from:
Lord Moribund Saturnine Dread (#3) - Creative work; snow day
Yannish Nefarious - Early design input
Jesus (#229) - Creative and game design
Olaf (#254) - Vigorous bug testing; Twilight chat
Satan (#1297) - Vigorous bug testing
Zillow (#1531) - Charmed slots, initial design of the level 11 maze
NardoLoopa (#3554) - Expert coder, debugger, and interface-improver. Bringer of the mall.
Corrupt Shadow (#5172) - Graphic work
Malk-a-Mite (#5953) - Game design and community spirit
Muhandes (#14240) - Spellchecker and consistency enforcer extraordinaire
Brulak (#21578) - Memento display enhancements
Heather Robinson (#28177) - Scripter and code improver

The entire moderating team, who do a lot more than just moderate:
Head moderator: Harry Dresden (#989)
Cristiona (#24)
Satan (#1297)
Nommy (#32444)

Special thanks to The Kingdom of Loathing and the entire crew there, without which this game wouldn't exist. It's still my largest inspiration, and one of my greatest sources of entertainment.

I also owe thanks to many other players who have helped with testing, creative suggestions, and more. I don't have as complete a list as I should. I appreciate your contributions just as much, even if I've overlooked putting your name here. I would like to include the following, though: MagiNinjA, Jesus_Fish, Jerbu, IvanGS, SportySpaz, Smeg, The Devirginizer, Questionario, Lupin 3rd, Braiton, Valera, Skinnydipper, The 3, Lobsterninja, Therum, Clackling, Dician, Chineselegolas, Neocamp22, and Devant, among many others.

Check out the blog for changes great and small, along with the irregular podcast.

And of course thanks to anybody who's ever donated--that's the stuff that keeps the servers running.

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