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Twilight Heroes Game Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get more turns?
A. Every night at roughly 11:00 US Eastern time, the game goes into a period called "rollover." At this time the game is closed to players, while it is updated for the new day. When you log back in after rollover, you'll have more turns as well as having your tolerance for caffeine and sugar reset.

Q. How do I "go to work"?
A. You don't. That's just code for "you've played as much as the game allows you to play in one day." If you wait for rollover (see the question just above this one), it will become the next day in Twilight, and you'll have more time to play.

Q. How do I "sleep"?
A. You don't. That's just code for "you have used up your allotted time for the day." Caffeine or sugar may help, if you haven't already had too much of them. Otherwise, if you wait for rollover (see the question two above this one), it will become the next day in Twilight, and you'll have more time to play.

Q. What is rollover? Or, why does the game say it's in maintenance?
A. Rollover is our term for a time period when we briefly lock the game in order to perform backups, update characters for the next day, and stuff like that. It should only last a few minutes, and then you'll be able to log in again.

Q. What's this retcon thing? How do I retcon?
A. Retcon is a chance to replay the main story line once you've finished the core quests. It's optional but many players consider it fun, either for the rewards or the challenges. You can't retcon until you've found and beaten the Mick, and wrapped up that quest. At that point you'll have a "retcon device" in your hideout which allows you to use it. There's a whole page about retcon with full details.

Q. How do skill points work with retcon?
A. With each successive retcon, you get one bonus skill point. They're distributed 1 per level, through level 11 (meaning you'd get 3 instead of the normal 2). On your 11th retcon (or 10th or 12th, I can't keep the numbering straight), you'll get two bonus points at level 2 for a total of four, and so on.

Q. Will time carry over from one day to the next? How much time carries over?
A. Yes, any of your unused time from one day will carry over to the next day, up to a cap of 21 hours (21.5 hours if you have the Precompletion Pro skill.)

Q. Why don't I get money from my day job?
A. Because you're also not paying for rent, utilities, groceries, and all kinds of other stuff a normal person would pay for. It is assumed the two balance each other out.

Q. I can adventure in Porcelain Bay without equipment. Is this a bug?
A. Probably not. There are at least a couple of ways you can get to the Bay without rental gear; one of them doesn't require equipment at all, and is based on an intrinsic class ability.

Q. I'm not regenerating HP/PP the way I think I should. Is this a bug?
A. Possibly, but probably not. There are a number of reasons why you may be gaining or losing extra PP. Check all of your skills and effects. If you really think this is a bug, please include all items, skills, and effects when you report it.

Q. Who made this game?
A. We have a credits section! The short version is that Ryme (player #1) kicked everything off and Kinak (player #4) is taking care of development now.

Q. I have tried everything with the password at the sewers but nothing worked! I think that there is a bug here ... it HAS to be broken!
A. Nope, it's not broken. It's just tricksy. There's more to it than following the simple formula.

Q. I just gained a level but I did not get a skill.
A. There are no skills for any levels beyond 16.

Q. Some items don't descriptions or don't seem to be fully implemented.
A. Occasionally an item will get pushed without a description because Ryme simply missed something. We don't have that problem nearly as much as we used to, but part of being in "open Gamma" is regular updates, and occasionally very small gaps in content because of the process. It's usually fixed quickly.

Q. I keep losing every fight! What should I do?
A. No matter what your strength, there is at least one area designed to match your abilities. Play there until you are tougher and can move to more difficult zones. Gaining levels is the most effective way to get tougher, but consider different combinations of equipment and different combat tactics, too.

Q. I am poor... Where can I ask for chips?
A. Begging--asking someone to give you money--is not allowed in the forums or in the game. To get more chips, play the game. Earn chips by adventuring and defeating foes, or by selling items.

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