Twilight Heroes

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Twilight Heroes Game Manual

Getting Started

So you've created a character and you're not quite sure what to do next? Here's some hints:
  • Start by clicking around the map. Check out some of the stores, see what's available to you. Notice any areas where you can patrol--clicking on those spots often leads to adventure, at the cost of some of your time. Your neighborhood and the neighboring neighborhood are good places to start exploring, and dumpster diving--while not glamorous--can be surprisingly rewarding.
  • Check your hero's journal (the link is at the top of the screen). There's a hint in there for beginning characters, which will lead you into and through your first quest.
  • Try to find or purchase some transportation. (By default it goes to your garage, so you need to visit your hideout's garage to start using the transportation.) This will open up more of the city to you. The areas outside of Somerset are more challenging, but also more rewarding.
Having trouble adventuring? Getting beaten up too much?
  • First, know that you can heal yourself by resting, an option that's available as a link through your hideout and also in Somerset Square. If you're out of Hit Points, that's one way to recover both Hit Points and Power Points. (There are items, skills, and other ways to recover HP and PP that you'll find later in the game.)
  • Also note that your fighting ability depends a lot on your level. A location that's too tough at one level often becomes easy once you've gained another level or two. If some place seems too hard, come back when you're stronger.
  • Know that there's always at least one area that's appropriate for your level. Most early levels have at least two, so you shouldn't feel stuck in one place for too long.
  • As a rough rule of thumb, locations closest to your home are easiest, and as you venture farther away from home the areas get tougher. This rule doesn't always apply, but it's a fairly useful guide for the early levels.
  • Keep in mind that equipment and skills can make a big difference. It may be worth buying more powerful weapons or armor, or putting your skills to use to help you make it through combat.
Still at a loss?

If you're still not sure what to do, or you're feeling lost, try going into chat (click the link on the right side of the page) or the forums. Try asking a few friendly questions (or read some of the frequently asked questions in the forums), and in general people should be happy to give you some gentle hints.

Be warned that you should be asking for information, not chips or items. Most people consider the latter begging, something that's discouraged by both the management and the players. Requests for information (particularly gentle hints instead of outright spoilers) are always welcome, though.

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