Twilight Heroes

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Twilight Heroes Game Manual


Every hero has a hideout, which serves as your base of operations, your sanctuary, and your workshop. The hideout is critical for all heroes to use and explore, and currently has five major portions: the workbench, the garage, storage, the computer lab, and the talisman tabernacle and transmogrifier.

Workbench—The workbench is an area where your hero will can modify, combine, and assemble useful items.

Garage—The garage contains all of your transportation. By default you're just walking around on your feet, which doesn't get you very far. You can pick a different vehicle to help you go farther afield. The greater the range of the vehicle, the farther you can patrol. Once you've taken a vehicle out, it stays with you until you switch to another one.

Storage—Sick of looking at that pile of old gumballs, but can't bear to part with them? Shove them in here!

Computer Lab—This is where you can set up your crime-fighting computer and run useful software on it. Everyone can build computers with the appropriate instructions and components.

Talisman Tabernacle and Transmogrifier—Two very important features are kept in this portion of your hideout: the Talisman Tabernacle and the Talisman Transmogrifier.

The Talisman Tabernacle is a special closet where you can keep any of your spare talismans, once you acquire some. Because of their powers, they need to remain shielded here and can't sit out with the rest of your inventory. Once you have extra talismans, you can switch at any time you like. But be careful! There's a penalty that comes with switching the source of your powers: you'll lose some of your experience.

The Talisman Transmogrifier is a more unusual tool. Use this thing cautiously! It allows you to change from one class to another by transmogrifying your hero's talisman, but it sends you all the way back down to level 1 and you lose all your skills when it happens (you do keep your chips and items). On the other hand, it lets you try life as a different kind of hero, and allows you to gather new and different skills.

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