Twilight Heroes

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Twilight Heroes Game Manual

The Mall & Player Shops

Each player can buy a shop in the mall, which they can use to sell items. The initial space costs 10,000 chips to have enough space to sell 20 different items. You can buy space for additional items, 10 at a time, but at increasing cost space is at a premium in the mall. There's a [+] link after the word "shelves" that allows you to purchase more of these shelves (there's a confirmation screen after the initial click).

Shops are aware of retcon. As the shopkeeper, if you ARE under run restrictions:

  1. If someone buys from your shop the chips are sent to Deep Storage.
  2. You can stock your shop with items from Deep Storage. You can also remove stock from your shop, and those items get sent back to Deep Storage.
  3. Unfortunately, it's not currently possible to put your on-hand inventory into the shop while you're under restriction. You'll have to wait until you've finished your run.
If you are NOT under any retcon restrictions:
  1. All shop transactions occur between your current inventory and the shop. Chips from other player purchases are sent directly to your character.
  2. Any items added to or removed from the shop come from or go to your inventory.
  3. If you have something in Deep storage that you want to sell in the shop, you'll have to pull it from there first to get it into your inventory and then add it to the shop.
To list items, select them from the pull-down menu and click the "+" button. At this point you can choose the quantity that you want to sell and the price you want to sell them at. The "Max" field tells you how many of the items you have available, total, between your store and either your inventory (if you're outside of retcon restrictions) or Deep Storage (if you're still under retcon restrictions.)

Anything sold in the shop has a price minimum of 50 chips or autosell value, whichever is higher. This minimum price should be reflected in the "Min" field, as a reminder. (For those who want to get around the 50-chip minimum, the Auction House still allows items to be sold for autosell, without a minimum, and can sell in bulk.)

The "Market" field shows you the current lowest price in the mall, as a reference for pricing your own items. If you want to keep an item in the mall but not have it up for sale immediately, you can set the price at 0. The item will be visible in your shop but listed as NFS (Not for Sale). (Currently it shows the price as ??? until you have some of that item in the mall. In later phases we'll try to improve this.)

To remove items from your shop, you can either set the Qty field to 0 or check the "Del" box. When you save changes, it will clear out all of that item from your shop.

Other features:

  • Sales history. Shows your recent sales transactions. (We're not quite sure yet, but it'll probably delete sales after 1 week). The asterisk marks the point at which you last viewed your sales history; anything above that asterisk is a new sale since the last view. The blue shading is just a line separator.
  • Price protection: won't let you buy if the item's price goes up between the time of the search and the time of the click. If the price goes down, it'll go ahead and let you buy at the lower price.
  • For number verification, the price field will put commas into the price for you, as soon as you click/tab away.
  • For searching, if more than 5 items match your search you will see a list to select the item you meant to search for out of a list of 20. You will only ever see 20 returned, even if more are there.
  • Purchase directly from the search screen.
  • If you search for an item and click a store to go inside, it will pre-select the item you wanted to buy.
  • Limit the number of items a given customer can buy a day.
  • Search with filters based on item type and other values.

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