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Twilight Heroes Game Manual

Auctions and Trade

The Mall is the main location to sell your extra items or buy items from other players. But if you're looking for old donation items, the International House of Auctions may be a better place to find them.

There is also a secure trading system where two players can negotiate and exchange items and/or chips.


Auctions are one way to exchange old items from the Wok of Stars. Like the Wok, the International House of Auction runs off of silver stars.

The auctions are run with sealed bids, with the final price the winner pays being just enough to beat the second highest.

So, if you bid 10 stars and the next highest is 5 stars, you'll end up paying 6 stars for the item. If you tie, the winning bid is selected randomly, so be sure to bid how much you're willing to pay.

Sellers can set a minimum bid. If there are no other bidders, the final price will default to that minimum bid.

All auctions last three full days (rollover-to-rollover) and can't be cancelled once begun, so think things through before you list an item.

Remember that old Wok items are also able to be placed in the Mall for purchase with chips.


The trading pages are a subset of the game's messaging system. You can get there by going to the messages section. Alternately, player profiles and the player search will provide links to propose a trade to that player. Trade is a three-step process, and ought to be fairly intuitive. One player starts by proposing a trade with another player. They select what they will offer in trade, and can add a note saying what they would like in exchange. The second player then puts in their half of the trade. The first player is then given the opportunity to verify that all is as it should be, and confirm. This process can be streamlined a lot by negotiating the deal first in chat, so that both parties have already agreed to the terms and know what to expect. Note: You are responsible for reviewing each transaction thoroughly, and making sure that you are getting what you want before you agree to the trade.

Both parties can cancel any offer at any time--trades that are waiting for another player to respond are still listed under the "your proposals" page, in case you need to see what's on the table or want to cancel the current offer. There is a page for completed trades, too, so you can see the last few days worth of transactions.

Offering an item for trade does remove it from your inventory and tie it up for the duration of the transaction. If the offer is canceled at any point, the item will be returned to you.

A note about scams: It is a common scam in many online games for players to claim that the "trade system is broken" and encourage you to engage in an unsecured transaction where you first send them the items in a message and then they promise to send their half back. Don't fall for this. If the trade system is actually broken, there will be notices everywhere on each page explaining what has happened. Without such notices, you can be assured that the system is not broken, and the player most likely is trying to scam you instead.

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