Twilight Heroes

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Twilight Heroes Game Manual


As your hero patrols the streets of Twilight, he or she will find items. Some items are clothing and can be worn, and might include helmets, boots, shirts, pants, accessories, and so on. You can put these items on in the Wear Things page. Most clothing provides you protection. Weapons allow you to deal damage in combat, and can also be equipped or unequipped in the Wear

Things page. There are two types of weapons: ranged and melee. Melee weapons are close-up combat, like a club or a sword, and ranged are thrown/projectile weapons. Melee weapon attacks benefit from your strength, delivering more damage as you get stronger. Ranged weapons don't get that benefit, but as your reflexes improve you'll get the opportunity to attack multiple times per round. Some items—particularly accessories—provide your character with other benefits. Clicking on the item picture will pop up a descriptive window

that tells you about the item and what it does.

Using Items—Other items can't be worn, but can be used for a wide variety of effects, including healing, giving your character more turns, and many other reasons. Anything listed in the Use Things page can be used. Some items also have a use in combat, and will appear in a list of options during a fight.

Other Item Types—There are also items that aren't wearable or usable, but still serve a purpose. Some, such as transportation items (see more on the Hideout below) go into the garage in your hideout. If you take one out, it can open up new areas to explore and patrol. Some items exist just for their value, and can be sold for chips. Some are simply decorative or collectible, or may serve a mysterious purpose later that isn't apparent yet. There are also computer parts, which allow you to

make computers and run useful software. Anything that's not usable can still be seen on the Full Inventory page. Most items can be sold using the Sell Things page.

Finally, there's one very special type of item, talismans. Read the talismans section to learn more about them.

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