Twilight Heroes

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Twilight Heroes Game Manual

Player vs. Player (PvP)

There are a lot of ways to compete with other players, like the leader boards, Heirloom Derby once you retcon, and the economic warfare of the Mall.

But the most direct form of conflict is Hero Dash. Visit the Unbranded Arena in the Seedy Casinos to kick it off.

Every day, they will choose a location in Twilight and some obstacles that you can overcome. The real question is time. The less (in-game) time it takes you to complete the obstacles, the better your result. It's a race, basically, like the name implies.

The obstacles, of course, aren't necessarily simple or easy. Jumping right in is a good way to get yourself hurt and it pays to be prepared.

At the end of the day, they will send out rewards to everyone who completed all their obstacles and further rewards to those who placed particularly well. Those rewards can be spent in a special shop for a variety of prizes. You'll also get a little something along the way for completing individual challenges because they're nice like that.

Hero Dash will continue to expand, with new challenges, sponsors, and other craziness along the way.

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